Welcome to the website of Canadian War Graves Nederland

The Canadian War Graves Nederland Foundation (CWG NL) is a cooperation between three War Cemeteries in the Netherlands where thousands of - mainly Canadian - soldiers who have been killed during World War II have their last resting place.

The aim of the CGW NL is to give all these individuals a 'face' by compiling, illustrating and publishing their life stories in a digital monument.

LIFE STORIESlink naar levensverhalen

A large part of the biographies are already available online. Click on the photo and enter the digital monument where you can find photographs, documents and life stories.

You can find out more about the goals of the CWG NL in the policy plan.

On July 4th 2019) a Convenant of Cooperation between the Oorlogsgravenstichting (OGS) and
the Stichting Canadian War Graves Nederland (CWG NL) was signed. This gives CWG NL a unique possibility to publish life stories and photo's of Canadian soldiers who are buried and remembered in the Netherlands using the database of OGS. Click here if you want to fnd out more about this convenant.

The three War Cemeteries are: