Convenant OGS

On July 4th The Convenant of Cooperation between the Oorlogsgravenstichting (OGS) and the Stichting Canadian War Graves Nederland (CWG NL) was signed. This gives CWG NL a unique possibility to publish life stories and photo's of Canadian soldiers who are buried and remembered in the Netherlands using the database of OGS. Not only for the benefit of relatives but also for a broader public and youth in particular. Access will be possible via the website of CWG NL (this website) and those of Stichting Bevrijding Brabantse Wal (Bergen op Zoom), Stichting Faces to Canadian War Graves Groesbeek and the Informatiecentrum Canadese begraafplaats Holten.
With this signature an important step has been made towards the realization of our objective, to honor and remember the Canadian soldiers who died for our freedom.

Ondertekening VleugelsOndertekening Reitsma

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The signing of the convenant by T.W.B. Vleugels, director OGS en J. Reitsma, chairman CWG NL (photo's Alice van Bekkum)