Welcome to Canadian War Graves Nederland

The foundation Canadian War Graves Nederland is a cooperation of 3 fields of honor in the Netherlands where large numbers of - mainly Canadian - military are buried who have been killed during World War II.

The foundation aims to give all these military a 'face' by compiling, illustrating and publishing their life stories in a digital monument.
You can read more about the goals of the foundation Canadian War Graves Nederland in the policy plan.

This website serves as a portal to the websites of the partners in the foundation. In the future this website will be transformed to a facility to retrieve and present the data of the fallen soldiers.

These 3 fields of honor are:

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1.116 mainly Canadian soldiers from the Second World War are buried at the Canadian cemetery. The majority of them died in the Battle of the Scheldt and during combats in the province Noord Brabant. Watch the short documentaries 'Operatie Switchback' and 'Strijd bij Kapelse Veer'.
The British cemetery is located next to the Canadian cemetery.

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At the Canadian military cemetery in Groesbeek, 2590 soldiers are buried of the allied forces who fell in the battle for freedom in the border area of the Netherlands and Germany. There are also 1029 names of missing people on the commemorative walls.

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At the Canadian Cemetery in Holten, 1394 victims of the Second World War are buried. Many have lost their lives in the liberation of East and North Netherlands and in the subsequent advance in Germany.

In the information center located next to the cemetery, you will gain more insight into the structure of the field of honor and learn more about the fallen soldiers. An important part of the information center is the cinema, where you can see an impression of the liberation of East Netherlands by the Canadians and the creation of the field of honor.

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